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Friday, July 5, 2013


When planning your vacation getaway to Ocean City, you might like to know which Summertime Activities continue throughout July and August. By that I mean, activities or services that occur on a regular (daily/ weekly) basis.  Most all of these services and activities are just a short walk from the Scarborough Inn!

Ocean City NJ Farmer's Market

BOARDWALK TROLLEY SERVICE - Runs 7 days a week thru August from 5PM-midnight on a continuous loop along Battersea Road to 59th St (parallel to the beach). Adult Day Pass $4.00 exact change only. Scarborough Inn pickup location at 8th St. & Ocean Ave - just flag the driver!

BEACH WALKS - South End Location: 59thSt. & Central Ave., (Entrance to CorsonsPark) Tuesdays 9AM & Wednesdays 6:30PM  North End Location: OC/Longport Bridge Parking Lot (Gardens Parkway) Tuesdays 6:30PM & Wednesdays 9AM Tickets may be purchased on-site.  Adults $1.00 Children $.50

     "Funtastic Tuesdays" 10AM –1PM, Asbury Ave. Entertainment, Face Painters, Balloon    sculptors.
      "Mummers Night" – Strutting 7PM-9PM on the boardwalk between 6th & 14th Streets

      "Character Nights" - Boardwalk merchant's mascots sign autographs in front of the Music Pier following a parade on a float from 6th St. to 14th St. on the boards. Parade begins at 6PM

     "Farmer's Market & Crafter's Booths" - Tabernacle Grounds/Firehouse 6th St. & Asbury Ave. from 8AM – 1PM thru Sept 4

     "Family Nights on the Boardwalk" - 7:30PM - 9:30PM between 6th – 14th  Streets. 

     "INN to INN Tours" - 2PM – 4PM, different itinerary each week, pick-up at 7th & Central Ave.

     "Market Days" - 10AM – 1PM along Asbury Avenue in Downtown Ocean City featuring entertainment, face painting, balloon sculptors, and more.

     "Religious Services" - various denominations, different types of worship, & times for services are offered - several churches are within easy walking distance of the Scarborough Inn.
     "Character Nights" - see above 

INNsider Tip: We're happy to help with additional information or directions to these venues.
Carol & Gus, Innkeepers
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Enjoying Afternoon Tea may not be the first activity you may think of when planning a vacation getaway to Ocean City, but you can savor the elegance of this historic repast right here on the island!

A Short History of Tea

Apparently, Catharine of Braganza (who was Portuguese) grew up drinking tea. When she arrived in England to marry Charles II in 1662, she brought a casket of tea and became known as the tea-drinking queen — England’s first. Customarily, she invited her female friends into her bedchamber to share tea with her.

During the 18th century Tea Gardens became popular. The idea was for ladies and gentlemen to take their tea together outdoors surrounded by entertainers. Tea Gardens made tea all the more fashionable to drink, plus they were important places for men and women to meet freely.

It is said that the tradition of Afternoon Tea began with Anne, Duchess of Bedford. She requested that light sandwiches be brought to her in the late afternoon because she had a “sinking feeling” during that time because of the long gap between meals. She began to invite others to join her and thus became the tradition.

Various Tea Times & Traditions
  • Cream Tea — A simple repast of scones, clotted cream, marmalade or lemon curd and tea.
  • Low Tea/Afternoon Tea — An afternoon meal including sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, curd, 2-3 sweets and tea. Known as “low tea” because guests were seated in low armchairs with low side-tables on which to place their cups and saucers.
  • Elevensies — Morning coffee hour in England
  • Royale Tea — A social tea served with champagne at the beginning or sherry at the end of the tea.
  • High Tea — High Tea suggests elegance, when in fact it was an evening meal most often enjoyed around 6PM as laborers and miners returned home. High Tea consists of meat and potatoes, as well as other foods, and tea. 
There are two types of "teas" offered at Emily's Restaurant in Ocean City - both on Thursdays during the summer months. Their "High Tea" includes a selection of items in three categories: Savories, Sandwiches, and Desserts. There are two seatings - at 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM. The cost is $27.95 (including tax & gratuity). "Afternoon Tea" is Scones and Sweets for $16.95 (including tax & gratuity).  Both include tea, of course!  The specific menu varies and reservations are suggested.

Emily's Restaurant, 11th St. & Ocean Ave, Ocean City, NJ. 609-399-1000

INNsider Tip: 
Historical information about tea was excerpted from, An Afternoon to Remember: Fine Tea & Gifts

Carol & Gus, Innkeepers
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Friday, May 31, 2013


Rose in the Scarborough Inn garden
You know the old saying, "great minds think alike."  It seems that our local "great minds" are focused on the MOVIES!

First, the theme of this year's 41st Annual Flower Show, is "Let's Go To The Movies."  Staged by the Ocean City Garden Club, the event is being held on the Music Pier (Boardwalk & Moorlyn Terrace) on May 31 and June 1 and 2.  Exhibits will be entered by Amateurs and by Commercial establishments and even by Juniors (young gardeners).  Judging is conducted by National Garden Clubs, Inc. and by other qualified professional judges.

There are 10 Classes in the Artistic Design Division - each with a different theme related to the movies.  For example, Class 1 is "My Fair Lady" and is exclusively for novices.  Class 4 features Oriental arrangements and is named "South Pacific." Class 5 - arranged on a tea try - is "The Great Gatsby."  The Juniors class, number 10, is called "Wizard of Oz."  I can't wait to see the results; these interesting themes will certainly fire the imaginations of the floral designers!

In addition, there is a Horticulture Division that features potted plants and cut specimens in a wide variety of categories.  These include: Roses to Bonsai, Orchids to Perennials, Cactus to Herbs - and many more!

In addition, there is a Trade Fair with flowers, plants, and gardening supplies for sale.  This is usually located on the Loggia of the Music Pier - and will inspire your own home gardening efforts.

Enjoy the "Let's Go To The Movies" Flower Show on Friday (5/31) from 2PM - 9PM, on Saturday (6/1) from 10AM - 9PM, and on Sunday (6/2) from 10AM - 4PM.

The second movie-themed event actually takes place at one of our local movie houses.  It involves a shift in "mission" as the Moorlyn Theater will now offer only family-friendly entertainment. A project of the Ocean City Tabernacle, the building was repaired, renovated, and upgraded with digital projectors.

Opening during Memorial Day weekend, the Moorlyn Theater screened shows like: "Home Run," "Star Trek, Into Darkness," and "Iron Man 3."  Live shows will begin in June.  "Oh What a Night" - a tribute to Frankie Valli and the Fours Seasons - opens July 1 as the first major concert.  Sounds like lots of new entertainment options on the Ocean City Boardwalk - for all ages!

INNsider Tip:  The Strand Theater (9th St. & Boardwalk) is owned by another company and is also being renovated and re-opening this season.

Carol & Gus, Innkeepers
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Monday, July 30, 2012


Enjoying the Ocean City beach!
Recently, I read an article about the history of the swimsuit.  Apparently, bikini style swimming attire is not a new idea! According to a Smithsonian article, two-piece swim suits are pictured in a 4th century mosaic discovered in the Villa Roma de Casale in Sicily.

However, swimming attire has gone through many changes throughout history and some styles were neither attractive nor comfortable. In the late 1600s, for example, both men and ladies wore swimming costumes of yellow canvas that could fill with water.  That conjures images of bloated yellow "whales" crowding the shoreline. What were they thinking?

"Bathing gowns" and "bathing machines" protected modesty during the 18th century.  And during the "...mid-19th century and into the early 20th century, bathing dresses continued to cover most of the female figure, in particular.

Shocking!  "In 1907, a scandal erupted when Australian swimmer, Annette Kellerman, the first woman to swim across the English Channel, was arrested in Boston for wearing a more form-fitting, one-piece suit" (that actually covered most of her body).

It wasn't until 1915, that the Jantzen company designed a shorter and more functional swimming suit from wool. Shortly thereafter, they introduced their iconic "Red Diving Girl" logo, and as the saying goes...the rest is history!

Happily, Scarborough Inn guests are just a 7-minute walk from the Ocean City beach and we supply beach tags (with a refundable deposit) and have a bathhouse on property, too  Remember to only swim at guarded beaches and enjoy the refreshing Atlantic Ocean on steamy summer days!

INNsider Tip:
Read the entire article from the Smithsonian's online clothing and history blog, Threaded, about bathing attire through the ages: The Swimsuit Series.

Carol & Gus, Innkeepers
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Friday, July 13, 2012


Wildlife Refuge - Ocean City, NJ
Much of Ocean City NJ, is surrounded by or interspersed with a very valuable part of the ecosystem known as "wetlands."

Scientists have found that wetlands actually function, " kidneys for our communities, cleansing water, filtering pollution and sediment, and regulating nature’s systems."  In fact, they are an indispensable part of the natural environment and are now protected by legislation like the Clean Water Act, for example.

Photographers find wetlands to be ideal locations for evocative shots of the local natural environment. Birders, and naturalists, know that these areas provide homes for a wide variety of native species or migrating visitors.
Wetlands - Ocean City, NJ
Here on the island, there are several areas where visitors can enjoy the wetlands and the rest of the unspoiled natural environment. Visit Corson's Inlet State Park or the Wildlife Refuge that runs between Haven Avenue and Bay Avenue in Ocean City.

You might also enjoy a visit to The Wetlands Institute in nearby Stone Harbor. They offer a variety of activities and exhibits of interest to all ages.  We will be happy to assist with directions from the Scarborough Inn to the institute or to other natural environments in Cape May County so you can explore beyond the shore during your Ocean City vacation!

INNsider Tips: To learn more about the wetlands environment, visit:

US Fish & Wildlife blog about the value of the wetlands as kidneys

The Wetlands Institute website

Carol & Gus, Innkeepers
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Monday, June 18, 2012


Jersey Fresh Produce
The OCNJ Farmers Market begins in July and is headquartered on the Ocean City Tabernacle grounds at Sixth Street and Asbury Avenue in the downtown area. It is, of course, a great place to select delicious "Jersey Fresh produce" - direct from the growers.  But there is also fresh-caught seafood, cut flowers or plants in pots for the home gardener, home-canned products, baked goods, snacks, and beverages. 

It is a veritable smorgasbord of earthly delights - of the edible variety.  And it is a feast for the eyes as well.

Guests of the Scarborough Inn can stroll over to the Farmers Market and select seasonal produce to take home or enjoy collecting the ingredients for a lunch on the beach or for a picnic at a local park.  The adjacent parking lot (in front of the firehouse) hosts craftspeople offering a selection of merchandise, too. Jewelry, clothing, toys...are some of the wares you may find there.
The Ocean City Farmers Market is open every Wednesday in July and August - some farmers set up stands in the fall, too. We will be happy to provide guests with current information.  See below for a fun way to engage children when visiting the market.

INNsider Tip:
Great post about getting children involved and interested in visiting a Farmer's Market including a downloadable BINGO game from the "SIMPLE homemade" blog.

Carol & Gus, Innkeepers
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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Beginning the design
Many Ocean City attractions are well known - the beach, the boardwalk, amusement rides, and water sports are all popular Ocean City destinations or activities. But there are many more things to do in Ocean City NJ and one of them is an annual flower show.  In fact, this year's event is the 40th Annual Ocean City Flower Show!

Staged by the Garden Club of Ocean City, the event takes place at the Music Pier (Moorlyn Terrace and the Boardwalk), on June 1, 2 and 3 and includes an exhibit, plus trade fair. This year's theme is "Celebrating 40 Years of Flowers."

There are ten Artistic Divisions - each with a specific theme and unique specifications as to size, type of plant material, and how the arrangement is to be displayed or viewed. For example, Class 1 is titled "Tropical Paradise' and is to include visible water. Class 5, "Victorian Summer," is a 3-D arrangement on a white tea tray with teapot, plus cup and saucer. Miniature arrangements - no larger than 5" in any direction - are Class 8: "Garden Jewels"  As you can tell, these fascinating themes inspire creativity and, interestingly, all of these themes were used at some time during the 40 years of the Flower Show's history.

In addition, there are six Table Entries.  Participants may select a theme from six that are suggested.  The arrangements are floral centerpieces displayed on 48" tables including linens and related accessories.  Themes include: "Roaring Twenties" (1991), "America the Beautiful" (2002), and "Fairytale Garden" (2005).

An Invitational Exhibit is only open to area Garden Club members with interpretive designs on the theme, "Flower & Art Show," displayed on pedestals.

In addition, there is an extensive Horticultural Division featuring specimens of a wide variety of plants and flowers. The Trade Show section offers plants and related products for sale.

One year, a friend asked me to enter an arrangement, so I did. It was lots of fun - I even researched how to arrange flowers online. But, it is not easy. I forget the title of the class, but it had something to do with autumn I think. The arrangement won a Third Place ribbon.  However, before we get too excited, I confess there were only five or six exhibitors in the category. SIGH...

My "award-winning" design
The Ocean City Flower Show is a truly wonderful and varied exhibit, but of a manageable size so you can enjoy everything is a couple of hours at most.  The show is organized and run by member-volunteers of the Ocean City Garden Club - thank you, neighbors, for providing this terrific Ocean City attraction!

INNsider Tip: Show times vary, so check with us before enjoying the 40th Annual Ocean City Flower Show at the Music Pier - just 7 minutes walk from the inn.

Carol & Gus, Innkeepers
Scarborough Inn
an Ocean City NJ Bed and Breakfast

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"The Survivor Tree"

American Elm
April 19, is important as the date of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing.  An 80-year old American Elm tree is an integral part of the memorial site because, as the website states, the tree " survived the bomb’s blast and witnessed one of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil. Today, we call it the Survivor Tree."

Read the fascinating story of this tree and about the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.

Here in Ocean City NJ, a Cedar Tree is an integral part of the founding of our city. Today, it is preserved inside the Tabernacle building. Scarborough Inn guests can easily visit the site; less than a 10-minute walk from our bed & breakfast.

Carol & Gus, Innkeepers
Scarborough Inn
an Ocean City NJ Bed and Breakfast

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ocean City NJ: "International Coastal Clean-Up Day"

 Sand Dune, Ocean City NJ Beach

You're invited to participate in "International Coastal Clean-Up Day" on Saturday, September 17, 2011.  This annual event, sponsored by the Ocean Conservancy, is designed to focus attention on the problem of trash and the seashore environment.  Not only is debris a great danger to marine mammals, birds, and sea turtles , but it also poses a risk to human health and safety, too.

If you are visiting the Scarborough Inn on September 17, we hope you ill consider joining the effort to help clean our precious, coastal environment.

Perhaps even more importantly, when visiting the Ocean City NJ Beach and Boardwalk, we ask that you treat EVERY day as Coastal Clean-Up Day!

INNsider Tip: To learn more about 2011 "International Coastal Clean-Up Day" click here.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ocean City NJ: APPS for Beach Lovers

Tracks on the Ocean City Beach 
Planning a trip to Ocean City NJ?

Here at the Scarborough Inn we have a number of books about our island and the local environment in the Inn's Library (just one of the Common Areas at the Scarborough). It's interesting to learn about the unique attributes of the place you are visiting and we hope you enjoy these resources.

If you have a smart phone, you may be interested in these apps mentioned in a recent post from the "Beach Chair Scientist"  - 13 APPS For Your Day at the Beach!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cape May County: Horseshoe Crabs & Red Knots

Horseshoe Crabs in Ocean City
The story of these two amazing creatures is a study of the interconnection of all life and a fascinating look at the role of the Cape May County environment in their - mutual - survival. (via WHYY News Works).**

Scarborough Inn guests who are interested in our natural seashore environment may want to experience a Guided Beach Walk locally or visit the Wetlands Institute in Stone Harbor.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ocean City NJ: National Honeybee Awareness Day!

NJ Honey at the OC Farmer's Market

Who knew? August 20 is National Honeybee Awareness Day!  Happily, those of us who visit the Ocean City Farmer's Market can stock up on delicious, local honey weekly. Sweet!

A recent post from edibleJERSEY talked about the many attributes of the honeybee and the product of its industry, "...Honey, thanks to the tireless industry of the Honey Bee, is a miracle product of nature. Besides its delightful sweetness, honey is also effective as an antibiotic for treating burns, soothes sore throats and offers relief to many allergy sufferers."

We particularly enjoy honey on whole wheat pancakes and in hot tea.  Honey is always available in the Scarborough Inn's Butler's Pantry for those who share a passion for this sweet, natural treat!  If you're in Ocean City on Wednesdays when the Farmer's Market is open (seasonally), New Jersey honey might be the perfect purchase for yourself...or as a gift! (Remember, the market is located on the Tabernacle grounds - only a 10-minute stroll from the Inn.)

Read the entire edibleJERSEY article about honey here.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ocean City Activities: On the Bayfront

"Learn to Sail"

So many people think "beach" when contemplating Ocean City NJ, but there are many activities on the bay side of the island, too!  Today I will mention two that are popular with children and both take place at the aptly named, Bayside Center, 520 Bay Avenue.

The first is the Environmental Camp sponsored by the OC Recreation Department & open to visitors, as well as locals. This activity features themed eco classes with workbooks, experiments, hands-on activities, live animals, movies, and games for ages 6 to 11 (9am - 12 noon). Upcoming themes:

      August 8 - 12   Caribbean Capers & Pirates OR Mammals

      August 15 - 19  Chemistry OR Whales & Dolphins

For kids who enjoy some learning with their fun, or fun with their learning, call the OC Recreation Department for more information and to register (609-525-9304 - camp size limited).

Running concurrently, and at the same location, is Learn to Sail classes sponsored by the OC Sailing Foundation through the end of August. Teachers head out onto the bay in Boston Whalers followed by a mini-flotilla of small sailboats with a student-sailor in each one. Half-day sessions for all ability levels are available from certified instructors.  Call for details (609-418-3356).

Two unique activities to help introduce people to the bayside of Ocean City; both are about 10 minutes walk from the Scarborough Inn.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Great Beach Reads: on the Innkeeper's Bookshelf

The term "beach read" always seems to indicate a less-than-serious novel that you would only read on vacation.  But since the Scarborough Inn and therefore, our guests, are always at the beach, I'm going to bring some nonfiction books to your attention that deal with Ocean City and the Jersey Shore area. Daring!

When we go on vacation, I seek out some nonfiction books to give me some of the facts about the place we will be visiting; then I look for something that tells at least part of the "story" of the place.  Maybe I'll find a tale about how the town came to be; or a significant, seminal story about the area that explains its character or a popular annual celebration; perhaps a guide to the "best of" or suggested places to visit.

Next, I try to locate a novel about the area.  These books also give you a sense of place through lush descriptions of the natural setting, the architecture, even the daily lives of fictional characters.  Surprisingly, there are some fictional stories set in Ocean City, NJ - and a collection of books by local authors and illustrators, too.  To learn more, visit Sun Rose Words & Music on Asbury Avenue - they are a great resource  and always happy to help!

But, today's Innkeeper's Bookshelf includes these Great (nonfiction) Beach Reads:

[Explorer's Guide] The Jersey Shore: Atlantic City to Cape May: A Great Destination by Jen Miller

     Packed with information, this second addition of the guide, offers fascinating details about many of the communities of Cape May County, as well as glitzy Atlantic City to our north. As one reviewer on Amazon states, "...a guide for shoobies and a book a local can appreciate."  I agree, this is really an indispensable book for locals and vacationers alike; newcomers to the area and seasoned visitors to Ocean City.  I look forward to discovering some of the places Jen has uncovered in her travels - down the Shore.
[Also available in a convenient Kindle edition!]

Important Bird Areas of New Jersey by Christina A. Frank

     This guide, published by the NJ Audubon Society, is a treasure trove of information about the birds of the Garden State.  Cape May, in particular, is recognized internationally as a prime spot for birding as it is ideally situated along the Atlantic Flyway that hosts major migrations throughout the year.  Organized by area so visitors could just focus on our local region, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the state's birds, rather than a list of specific species.

[Images of America] Ocean City Baby Parade by Fred & Susan Miller

     One of the latest editions in a series of books by these popular, local authors, this book was written in celebration of the local Baby Parade - the "longest running in the country."  Packed with historical pictures of this event through the years, this book provides a fascinating overview of this annual August event.  We are particularly fond of the photograph on page 125 - that's Oona (daughter of an employee) snoozing at her Scarborough Inn "desk" - her First Summer Job.  Adorable!

* * * * *

INNsider Tip: Don't forget to visit the small Library (one of the Common Areas) at the Scarborough Inn, we include books about Ocean City and the surrounding area in the collection.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cape May Seafood: Fresh from the Ocean City Farmer's Market

Seafood Booth
Little Necks & Scallops

"It doesn't get any better than this," he exclaimed, "local seafood, fresh from local waters!"

A group of people are clustered around the seafood booth at the weekly Ocean City Farmer's Market, waiting their turn to make a selection.  Arrayed on a bed of ice are plump scallops and Little Neck clams. Somewhat tattered photos are tacked to the sides of the booth - fishing boats, clammers, the bounty of the Atlantic. I glance at them as I wait my turn.

Every week, I select some fresh - REALLY fresh - seafood to enjoy at home.  Usually, I pair it with some Jersey corn and juicy red tomatoes for a simple supper. Seasonal fruit (strawberries, blueberries, or peaches)  comprises dessert - either unadorned or in a cobbler or cake with a snowy mountain of freshly whipped cream.

What a wonderful way to select dinner - directly from the people who harvest it.  That man is doesn't get any better than this!

INNsider Tip: The weekly Farmer's Market is less than 10-minutes walk from the Scarborough Inn.  There are many things for guests to enjoy - scones and coffee, smoothies, tomato pie, canned goods, cookies and biscotti, and gorgeous flowers.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Scarborough Inn: "Romance Getaway Package"

Create-Your-Own Romantic Getaway Package
Did you know that August is "Romance Awareness Month?"

It is, and that's why the Scarborough Inn has designed the Create-Your-Own-Romance-Package. After all, your definition of "romance" is as individual as you are.  So we've assembled an expanded Menu of Special Amenities to help you create the Romantic Getaway of your dreams. Customized by you, for you, it will perfectly meet your wishes.....and your budget!

Select traditional favorites like candy or flowers, include therapeutic massage or spa services, customize a gift basket, or plan a romantic dinner.  All choices are individually priced so you can select as many, or a few, as you like.  In addition, you will be dealing directly with trusted, local merchants so that you are assured that everything will meet your specifications.

BONUS #1 - Choose to visit the inn from August 28 through September 2, 2011, for two or more nights, midweek, and save 20% off the regular rates.

BONUS #2 - Mention that you found the "Romance Getaway Package" online and receive an attractive, hand-crafted, signature Scarborough Inn pottery mug as our gift to you!

Visit the Scarborough Inn website today and begin planning the "Romance Getaway Package" of YOUR dreams!

 [fine print - Tax & Gratuity not included; Subject to availability; 1 gift mug per reservation]

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Jersey Fresh" Blueberries: Now & Later

I love "Jersey Fresh" blueberries - right from the Ocean City Farmer's Market or from a local Farm Stand - nothing better!

They are delicious plump, juicy, and unadorned or in fruit cup, yogurt parfait, or smoothie.  For Afternoon Refreshments, guests enjoy blueberries in crumbles, cobblers, or Blueberry Buckle (great recipe in the inn's cookbook, Scarborough Seasons) and available from the Scarborough Inn Gift Shop.

Happily, the delicious flavor and nutrition of blueberries may also be enjoyed in the middle of winter if you carefully freeze ripe berries now.  What a treat to enjoy this taste of summer in baking or in Blueberry Pancakes on a frosty morning!  Visit this site for details.

And so, do enjoy NJ Blueberries - now and later!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

National Ice Cream Month

National ice Cream Month (July) is nearly over, so if you haven't conducted your own Taste Test yet - time (and ice cream) waits for no one - especially in the summertime!

Scarborough Inn guests seem to have adopted the Hobby Horse Ice Cream Parlor.  It is just down the block from our B&B and features an extensive selection of luscious flavors, plus toppings & sundaes & other desserts, too.  There's seating inside and outdoors, Winnie the Pooh on hand to greet guests, and the namesake Hobby Horse - perfect for photo ops!

Earlier this month, we visited TJ's Ice Creams on E. Atlantic Boulevard & Battersea Rd .  They advertise Homemade ice creams (about 30 flavors) & water ice, plus yogurt and sugar-free choices.  The ice cream we sampled was delicious and I think we need to visit again - purely in the interest of research, of course.

We've been hearing a lot about the excellent ice cream to be had at Springer's Homemade Ice Cream in Stone Harbor.  But frankly, it's a bit of a drive - even for ice cream.  When we visited our neighboring community to the south for dinner recently, we decided to have ice cream for dessert.  Even at 10PM, there was a long line so we decided to head home - gotta work in the morning.  So...if guests want to visit Springer's and give us your "research" report, I'll post it here.

There are plenty of ice cream, sorbet, gelatti, and frozen custard stands on the Ocean City Boardwalk, too, so enjoy National Ice Cream Month - every month!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Farmers Market Recipe: "Jersey Fresh" Omelet

After visiting this week's Farmer's Market, I was inspired to create an omelet using "Jersey Fresh" ingredients.  I selected cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs from my own garden and added chunks of the local tomatoes from the market (held every Wednesday on the Tabernacle grounds). I prepared the ingredients ahead, so they could be added as the omelet cooked and pre-heated the pan.

"Jersey Fresh" at weekly Farmer's Market
I whipped up some brown eggs until they were frothy and poured them into a pan swirled with first-press olive oil.  While they cooked, I added a sprinkling of Flat Leaf Parsley and some peppery German Thyme leaves, a light dusting of sea salt, and some pungent, grated Parmesan.  Finally, I added the tomato chunks, quartered cherry tomatoes, and freshly ground, mixed peppercorns. I garnished the dish with more herbs and cherry tomato "flowers."

These ingredients made for a very chunky, rustic omelet!  I love the combination of simple ingredients with fresh flavors and colors.  The Parmesan added a subtle piquancy that was delicious.

Of course, one of the best things about using farm-fresh ingredients is that this omelet can be different every time - inspired by the bounty provided by New Jersey farmers!

INNsider Tip: Take a look at video this produced by American Farmland Trust!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Best Sunset View

The Best Sunset View in Ocean City is to be found on the bay side (west) of the island.

Easy, right?  Not really, and that is because much of the western side of our community is private property - the site of homes or businesses.  But there are several places where you can go to capture the last rays of the setting sun.  Street ends are easy, but somewhat cramped, and without any seating for extended viewing.

How about a location that is public, free, has expansive views, and even seating for relaxed, extended sunset viewing?  The Bayside Center at 520 Bay Avenue is the perfect choice!  It has all of the above, plus docks for fishing or just dangling your feet over the water.  A covered pavilion has several picnic tables for dinner or a snack (bring your own & use the trash cans, please) and there are restroom facilities, too.

You might want to bring your iPod for musical accompaniment or your camera to record the Best Sunset View on the island! 

Ask at the Scarborough Inn; we'll be happy to provide simple walking directions for guests.