Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 While shopping in my local supermarket this week, I discovered an interesting product made in New Jersey.  It is "Ed Hitzel's EVERYTHING SPICE".   This seasoning is an intriguing combination of vegetables, fruit, and spices (NO salt) and, yes, it is made right here in "the Garden State!"

INSPIRATION #1 - I was immediately inspired to try it at home.  So far, we've added a little sprinkling to an Asian stir-fry, used it in a Chicken Spaghetti casserole (a recipe from the Pioneer Woman; I added Hitzel's spice rather than the salt-laden seasoning salt suggested), and tried it on this morning's poached eggs.  It complements everything!  The aptly-named "Everything Spice" has a really unique flavor.  In fact, I think I may put a bottle on our dining room table - right next to the salt and pepper - as an alternative seasoning.

INSPIRATION #2 - And that's when I had the second inspiration.  I imagine that there are many products made in New Jersey and it is now my mission to find them and spread the word. But, how?  I decided to start a new Scarborough Inn Pinterest board dedicated to things that are made in New Jersey.  This collection can be any kind of product, but it must be designed, grown, or produced in this state. I can't wait to find out what will be included!

And, of course, item number one on this new Pinterest board is "ED Hitzel's EVERYTHING SPICE" - the inspiration I found in the supermarket spice aisle!

(If you locate any products made in New Jersey that you would like to feature here; please leave your suggestions in the "comments" section. Thank you!)

INNsider Tips:
To learn more about Hitzel - his radio show, magazine, restaurant reviews, recipes, and his products made in New Jersey - visit the Ed Hitzel website.

Enjoy the Scarborough Inn "Made in New Jersey" PINTEREST board.

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  1. There are many vineyards in New Jersey, so you can add wines to your board.

    A pinning tip: many of your NJ items are "uploaded by user", so there's no way to source the product.

  2. Carole, appreciate your comment. I include wineries on the inn's "Jersey Shore Places" PINTEREST board & have also blogged on the subject, and mentioned them on facebook & twitter, too. I hope that they will mention the inn some day!