Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring: Time for New Beginnings

As I write this there are many signs of spring outside my window - ample sunshine and blue skies, flowering pear trees covered with small, delicate white blooms, and lilac bushes decked with fragrant flowers. Indoors, I can ignore the brisk breeze off the bay that keeps it from being truly warm.

I love spring for all those reasons that poets rhapsodize over this season - beginnings. And it is especially welcome this year after a particularly cold, wet, dreary - even snowy - winter.

Fitting, then, that I'm trying something new this spring - writing a blog! Guests of the Scarborough Inn B&B appreciate that we are on a small island off the coast of southern New Jersey. Even if guests return annually, there are always new things to discover. In future posts, I will be sharing personal insights, experiences, and suggestions that I hope will complement your visit to Ocean City, NJ and to our inn. Enjoy! Let me hear from you, too.

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